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BTN TV was established in 2013. The company have a huge experience in installation and maintenance of IPTV systems over a decade with dozens of satisfied customers, specializes in providing professional video solutions for Over the Top and Internet Provider Television Video (IPTV), Our added value lies in our ability to not only to provide  diverse and quality content to various viewing markets, but also to offer a unique technology infrastructure.

We provide the most advanced technology as a video delivery and CDN channel, providing an end-to-end solution for cellular phone carriers, cable operators and ISP’s seeking to enhance their product offering to their current and new subscribers and enter the IPTV industry

BTN TV is high- quality video industry / production with fully name of Big Television Network

Our company has specialized in producing recorded and live streaming video content .OTT business is main correction center of content .our customers are enterprises of all sizes which they are looking for an esteemed quality of HD videos to be used in communicating with their employees, customers ,prospects,sharesholders,analysts,or the media .

Our Technical team has a concrete reputation for producing convincing, unique videos that effectively convey our client’s messages, as well as consistently delivering live content in complex corporate environments.

Video production

Video advertisement is becoming more and more affordable and widespread. Video adoption grows partly because of advances in technology but also because it’s easy to spread across the net.

Creative videos are transmitted on the internet in of live shows, Live tv programs and instantly get millions of views

Live Streaming:

IPTV /VOD /OTT all are internet streaming today is sometimes perceived as incredibly complicated and expensive. therefore, we buck the trend as our solutions are extremely cost -effective and packed full of interactive functions that are included absolutely.

Our webcasting solution focus on the viewer and it is mixed live by our professional, so in essence, our video stream looks and feels more like TV production.

Our solutions
  • CRM integrated Subscriber Management
  • IPTV Middleware & billing integration
  • Analytics and Reporting Tool 
  • Multi bit-rate codec's Transcoders
  • Multi bit-rate HDMI encoders
  • Cloud or local CDN and infrastructure
  • CMS – Live channels or VOD
  • Video Player HTML5 technologies
  • IOS and Android Apps
  • Video On Demand (VOD) services 
  • Conditional access
  • Portal, Video players
  • Vast or In-house Advertising System
  • Android and IOS App's
  • VoD & NVoD servers
  • Catch up TV & Time-Shifted TV
  • Set-top boxes

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